Environmental Health & Safety

U.S. Safety offers assistance in dealing with the pollution abatement and environmental management functions mandated by Federal and State law. From identifying compliance levels and exposures to program development and implementation, we can help you with the following areas:

• Hazardous waste generation
• Air and water omissions
• Above ground and underground storage tank management
• Community Right-to-Know reporting requirements

Specific Services available are:

• Define and explain required regulations
• Audit to measure compliance levels
• Identify the various Interagency regulations and correlate compliance activities
• Assist with “permitting” actions
• Develop Policies and Procedures
• Evaluate the adequacy of programs
• Conduct required and informational training for staff and work force
• Assist in developing and managing environmental compliance programs
• Find alternatives to reduce environmental exposure

Effective management of environmental exposures is essential to business survival. We can evaluate your work environment for risk exposures

• Noise exposure assessments
• Chemical exposure assessments
• Slip-resistance assessments
• Ergonomic design reviews
• Potential end-user applications hazards
• Hazard warning reviews
• Guarding reviews, as well as other exposure concerns


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