Do you know you have the legal right for an informal conference and representation with OSHA? We can help! U.S. Safety has a proven track record representing employers with OSHA, contractor negotiations and as an expert witness.

We have successfully negotiated with OSHA Area Directors to:

• Change abatement requirements to include dates
• Reclassify violations (e.g., willful to serious, serious to other-than-serious)
• Vacate or modify a penalty, citation, or a single item
• Reduction of fines

In order to address a citation, U.S. Safety will evaluate your current safety program and make modifications were necessary or tailor a new safety management system prior to the conference. At the conference U.S. Safety will present the safety management program, verifying the employer’s willingness and commitment to resolve any safety issues. This would also demonstrate the employers’ commitment to safety going forward


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