Program Safety Management


U.S. Safety can evaluate and administer a comprehensive safety management program. Our team of qualified safety and health professionals can assist you with all of your safety needs and will work directly with management to ensure your program is being administered effectively.

We can help develop a complete safety program including the following:

• Policy statement
• Write a comprehensive safety training manual
• Develop safety policies and procedures
• Perform root cause analysis of accidents and/or incidents
• Develop company and location specific safety inspection programs and forms
• Provide company wide safety training
• Develop safety incentive programs
• Measure success of the program and provide recommendations for continual improvement
• Provide OSHA record keeping assistance



Your corporate profits are on the line. It is vitally important that your insurance claims are being administered as effectively as possible. U.S. Safety can conduct complete file reviews to audit the following areas:

• Proper reserving
• Review medical records and allowed conditions
• Rehabilitation potential and reimbursement
• Return to work and modified duty programs
• Adequate follow-up by claims administration
• Handicap reimbursement
• Claim investigation

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