24 Hour Fall Protection

U.S. Safety’s 24-Hour Competent Person for Fall Protection Course is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the USACE. Our training uses the “Corp’s” guideline book (outlined below), then supplement the training by comparing and contrasting the OSHA requirements with those of the EM 385.1.1. That way, the most stringent standard can be easily identified. By “Corps” standards this training must provide 8 hours of hands-on training and 16 hours of formal training.

USACE Fall Protection Table of Contents

• Chapter 1 Introduction
• Chapter 2 Fall Protection Program
• Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities
• Chapter 4 Workplace Survey and Assessment of Fall Hazards
• Chapter 5 Training
• Chapter 6 Fall Hazard Prevention and Controls
• Chapter 7 Fall Protection Systems, Criteria and Design Requirements
• Chapter 8 Fall Protection Guidelines for Specific Work Applications
• Chapter 9 Guidance For Fall Rescue Procedures
• Chapter 10 Inspection, Maintenance, Storage and Care Procedures for Fall Protection Equipment
• Chapter 11 Tie-Off Considerations and Selection of Safe Anchorages
• Chapter 12 Responsibility for Design, Inspection, Certification, and Re-Certification of Anchorages
• Chapter 13 Fall Prevention Considerations During Planning and Design Phase
• Chapter 14 Other Protective Measures
• Chapter 15 New American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z359 Fall Protection Standards
• Appendix A Fall Protection Comparisons
• Appendix B Written Fall Protection Program Sample/Template
• Appendix C Sample Fall Hazard Survey Report
• Appendix D Fall Protection Training Roster
• Appendix E Sample Fall Protection and Prevention Plan
• Appendix F Definitions
• Appendix G Figures
• Appendix H Checklists


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