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Ladder Safety

Ladders are one of the most common tools used by workers. Unfortunately, most workers learn how to use a ladder from their youth watching neighbors and other adults abuse ladders. They apparently were not aware of the dangers associated with ladders. The primary danger being falls from heights. Therefore, most ladder training concentrates on how to prevent falls by making sure the ladder is in good condition, set up properly and climbed correctly, leaving out other potential hazards. U.S Safety provides two ladder courses. The first course provides training for anyone who must use a ladder, the second is for a company’s Competent Person.

1-Hour User Training

In general terms, this course covers both general safety that is common to all ladders and safety that is specific to various types of ladders. This includes the proper ladder selection, inspection and maintenance needed to preserve the life of the ladder and its user. Additionally, we address regulations for safe stairway use and ADA Specifications.

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