Competent Person Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA Standards require employers to keep their workplace free from known health and safety hazards. The proper use of PPE is an essential step in helping provide that safe work environment. Employees need to know what PPE is required, how and when it is to be used, and how to maintain and clean it. U.S. Safety provides two levels of training for the proper use of PPE: Awareness/User and Competent Person.

PPE Competent Person

This 6-Hour training is intended for those employees who are responsible for the proper selection, inspection, and management of PPE needed to protect employees in construction and light industry. Training topics will include:

• Risk assessment and mitigation
• Potential PPE hazards
• OSHA & ANSI PPE Standards
• Duties of “Competent Person”
• Inclusion of Awareness/User training materials
• Employer and Competent Person responsibilities
• Recall, SDS and technical information
• Selection, inspection, maintenance, sanitation, removal or destruction of PPE
• Training, compliance and punitive actions
• Policies, procedures, protocols, signage, checklists and related paperwork

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