Competent Person Trenching & Excavation

trenching and excavation

Course Description: participants are taught from OSHA’s excavation standard (29 CFR 1926-Subpart P) which requires workers in trenches and excavations to be protected. Can-ins are perhaps the most feared trenching hazard; but other potentially fatal hazards exist, including asphyxiation, toxic fumes, drowning, electrocution and explosions. Protection from the many hazards associated with trenching and excavation is achieved through knowledge of the environment, technical mastery of support systems, hazard awareness and proper application. Each participant will receive a manual. Upon successful completion participants will receive a Competent Person Trenching and Excavating Certification Card.

• Inspections And Duties Of A Competent Person
• Safe Work Practices
• Definitions That Apply To Fall Protection
• Types Of Fall Protection And Specifications
• Hazard Identification And Impalement
• Problem Resolution
• Rescue

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