EPA's toxic air regulation for asbestos is intended to minimize the release of asbestos fibers during activities involving the handling of asbestos. This provision of the Clean Air Act (CAA) requires the EPA to develop and enforce regulations to protect the public from exposure to airborne contaminants that are known to be hazardous to human health. In accordance with Section 112 of the CAA, EPA establishes National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). Contractors who supervise construction sites (i.e. a Controlling Contractor) where asbestos will be disturbed, but are not abatement contractors, need this two-year certification. U.S. Safety’s 8-hour course will teach supervisors how to maintain EPA compliance for controlling asbestos emissions. All sections of our 2-Hour asbestos awareness training will be included in this course, along with many basic work practices often involved in removing asbestos-containing materials. Our training covers practices such as:

• Glove bags
• Adequately wetting all regulated asbestos-containing materials,
• Sealing the material in leak tight containers,
• Proper disposal of the asbestos-containing waste, and
• The paperwork necessary for tracking the legal disposal

By OSHA Standard, Controlling Contractors have overall responsibility for a construction/demolition site. Asbestos is a hazardous “cradle to grave” product. Proper disposal and step-by-step verification of paperwork to the final destination is essential.

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