Competent Person Hazard Communication

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The OSHA Standard requires that information about the hazards of chemicals used in the workplace is communicated to employees. In short, employees and the surrounding community have a right to know:

• What chemicals are being used
• How they can impact or hurt them, and
• How they will be properly protected

U.S. Safety offers two types of training on HazCom, Basic Awareness and Competent Person.

8-Hour Competent Person Training:

This training is designed to provide an in depth understanding of the safe use and storage of hazardous chemicals. Training will include:

• The responsibilities of a Competent Person
• Hazard determination & the introduction of new chemicals
• Storage, transportation, classifying and listing of hazardous chemicals
• Analysis Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
• GHS, labels and other forms of warning (Pictograms & Placards)
• Non-routine tasks
• Spills and emergency response
• Preparation for and treatment of accident victims
This is to be accomplished by labeling, making material safety data sheets (MSDS's) available in the workplaces, and conducting training.

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