All Terrain Vehicles, Utility-Terrain Vehicle “Gators” & Golf Carts

Golf cart parked. Bali. Indonesia

This is a certification course. It is designed to train employees to safely operate All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), golf carts and other similar motorized off-highway vehicles on construction sites. This course meets OSHA and ANSI training requirements and is designed to reduce injuries and fatalities to operators, passengers and pedestrians. Some states require riders to complete a safety course in order to operate an ATV.

FYI: Effective July 1, 2008. Florida Statute 261.20 and riding on public lands*:

It is a violation of this section:

• To carry a passenger on an off-highway vehicle unless the machine is specifically designed by the manufacturer to carry an operator and a single passenger.
• To operate an off-highway vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or any prescription or over-the-counter drug that impairs vision or motor condition.
• For a person who has not attained 16 years of age, to operate an off-highway vehicle without wearing eye protection, over-the-ankle boots, and a safety helmet that is approved by the United States Department of Transportation or Snell Memorial Foundation.
• To operate an off-highway vehicle in a careless or reckless manner that endangers or causes injury or damage to another person or property.

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