To : U.S. Safety's valued subscriber
From : Frank Subzda, President
U.S. Safety
Re : Instructor Information

Thank you for responding to our inquiry concerning part-time safety training in your specific location.

Our client has requested that U.S. Safety teach seven basic topics. It would not be practical to have consultants fly around the United States to teach these courses. It is our belief that local instructors could better meet the needs of their own geographical location. U.S. Safety will design and provide you, the instructor, with specific training materials that must be used to accomplish each training task. These programs will be based on national OSHA Standards and our client’s safety handbook. There will be some flexibility for instructors to alter the program, in order to comply with local and state safety mandates; as these may differ from location to location.

We also encourage personalization during training to enhance learning and afford opportunities for you to bond with our client’s employees. These men and women are salt of the earth hard working Americans who work outside in freezing blizzards; walk through rank, snake infested hurricane waters and other disasters to provide you with a service. It is important that you, as the instructor, note this dedication and realize these employees would rather be working than in your class. Reach out, find a common bond and teach at their level.

This training opportunity is being offered to individual consultants and small consulting firms alike. On a following page there is a survey. What U.S. Safety is requesting is information on what topics you feel comfortable teaching. This is not a situation where you must teach every topic, but only courses that you feel qualified and comfortable teaching.

If you are a small business, the survey sheet must be filled out for each employee that you would have service this contract. For your peace of mind, your employee’s name may remain confidential and your company can designate a contact person within your organization that we will use. For questions referring to contact information, use company information.


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