U.S. Safety has trained on-site Safety Professionals ready to provide 24/7 safety support to employers in general industry and construction. We also provide on-site safety managers-on a short-term or long-term basis, to assist any employer in the creation as well as the implementation of their safety strategy.

U.S. Safety's on-site staffing can create value for your business by providing on-site safety consulting services. Having a safety consulting service can reduce your Worker's Compensation premiums. Your business can experience a savings in time and employee utilization by allowing on-site safety experts from U.S. Safety to help assess your safety operations while you focus on your projects. Having U.S. Safety on-site will ensure that your jobsite is as hazard free as possible, keeping OSHA compliance in the forefront and keeping citations at a minimum.

U.S. Safety's safety professionals have combined safety experience of over 75 years. Our expert consultants have managed environmental, health and safety programs for major corporations, general contractors and industry. U.S. Safety's consultants are well versed in Construction, General Industry, and Maritime Standards, along with DOT regulations regarding safe loading and transporting of materials and associated laws, writing and researching specifications of materials for production use, safety and environmental impact studies, creation and implementation of safety programs, safety policies and are all certified trainers. The Safety Professionals at U.S. Safety have extensive education and experience in all areas of safety, Workers' Compensation, risk management and environmental compliance. We are active in many safety, industrial hygienic, Workers' Compensation and risk management associations.

Our Safety Consultants continuously study OSHA Regulations, evaluate and apply their standards to protect you and your employees from work site injuries. Our Safety Consultants understand the complexities and challenges on the jobsite, the language barriers, creative problem solving techniques and are trained to educate rather than intimidate.

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