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U.S. Safety has the capabilities to administer a complete safety management program with an established program to provide assistance where needed. We can provide qualified safety and health professionals who will work directly with your management team to ensure your program is being administered effectively.  This service can be especially important to small companies who cannot afford a full-time safety or health professional or to companies who are restructuring their operations.  This service can be provided at a per hour rate or on a contractual basis.  We have the experience, education and ability to perform the complete administration and maintenance requirements of a safety program. From doing all of it or in a selected area of concern, U.S. Safety is ready to assist you in making your safety program the best it can be.

U.S. Safety can provide complete safety management services. We specialize in working with companies, in a partnership, to provide a comprehensive safely and health management program. We can evaluate your present program using a Safety performance Audit, provide detailed recommendations for improvement, and work with you on each area to ensure effective implementation. We can help develop a complete safety program including the following:

Let U.S. Safety's Consultants help provide you with a professional safety and health management program.  Our dedicated and experienced team of safety professionals is committed to helping our clients and their employees to work more safety, thereby increasing their productivity, reducing the company's liability and increasing our client's profits and marketability.


It is vitally important that your Workers' Compensation claims are being administered as effectively as possible. Your future experience and cost can be impacted by how well claims are being managed. Being self insured, it is your profit dollars on the line. U.S. Safety can conduct complete file reviews to audit the following areas:

U.S. Safety will work with you to ensure your Workers' Compensation claims are being administered as effectively as possible.

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